Hope, the whale

“Hope” was created by a group of Vancouver multimedia artists, in collaboration with First Nations and conservation organizations in response to the growing opposition to the northern pipelines.
The art installation was set up in downtown Vancouver from Jan 14-18 2013, outside the Wall Centre where the Enbridge Pipeline hearings were taking place, as a means of representing the growing support for an oil-free coast.
Hope is a 7.6 meter long representation of a whale, made from recycled sail fabric and wooden ribs, surrounded by a dozen large water drops. It is an interactive art installation designed to allow anyone the opportunity to have a voice, to engage the public in a welcoming and inclusive way.
This was done through physical means of inviting the public to write their messages of hope on the water drops and digitally through videos, images & tweets, which were projected onto the whale at night.
For the evening projections, we use 3 wide-angle projectors that fit inside the belly of the whale project outwards onto the skin. One projector runs through a loop of multiple videos, one loops through a variety of still images while the third one is connected to the internet and a program that captures real time tweets based on hashtags and streams them live.
While the Enbridge public hearings are now over “Hope” still symbolizes the desire and need to keep the conversation going around how we can support a healthy environment, sharing our collective messages of hope and vision for a healthy future.
The collaborative team of artists, led by Kim Cooper includes Oliver Harwood, Jodi Stark, Zack Embree, Ben Cooper and Sarah Hay. If you are interested in hosting Hope at special event or location, please contact Kim at kalecreative@gmail.com